Be Prepared

Our Scotties are family – so include them in your preparations!

As all of us living in California are well aware, every family should have a readiness plan in the event of a disaster like fire or earthquake, or some other local emergency. Does your family’s plan include details for your pets?

Check out these resources for tips on how to include your pets in your emergency plan:

* * *

In addition, it’s not something most of us like to think about, but…

Who will take care of your pets if something happens to you?

Download this Pet Care Arrangement Form, fill it out, and give to someone you trust.

If something happens, the document will need to be activated quickly, so:
DO NOT put the form in a safety deposit box or file it with your will. Make sure that the people who would need it know where it is.

* * *

Will you be boating this summer?

Check out advice for life vests for dogs! Keep your Scottie safe in the water!