Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Yesterday, USDA APHIS announced the ongoing development of one-page informational guides, called Animal Care Aids, about the ownership and care of animals. The first set of documents, which may be viewed here, focuses on identifying and managing periodontal disease and maintaining healthy coats in dogs.
The American Kennel Club appreciates and strongly supports USDA’s ongoing efforts to improve the health and welfare of all dogs in America. For more information about AKC comments on the Animal Welfare Act, see our official position statement on the Animal Welfare Act and AKC’s recent statement of support for additional resources for AWA enforcement.
For more information on this or other USDA-APHIS initiatives, contact AKC Government Relations at doglaw@akc.org.


AKC Notice

An important notice just received from the American Kennel Club

Dear AKC Club Leader,

Occasionally we ask for your assistance in bringing attention to piece of legislation that could impact the sport. Today, we’re asking for your help in bringing attention to  a fun new project — The Dog Lover, a new limited run film that will be debuting in select theatres and through Video on Demand on July 8.

This dramatic film tells the story – based on true events – of a young woman who goes undercover for an animal rights organization and learns first-hand about the extreme tactics animal rights groups are willing to use against dog breeders.

The Dog Lover is an entertaining film that makes a courageous statement in defense of breeders. Its producers deserve all the support (through theatre visits or on demand views) we can help give it. Let’s make a statement in supporting this film – and  please help us in giving it an opening weekend beyond all expectations.

Please share the following trailer, flyers and information with club members on your website, social media, etc — and ask them to do the same.

http://www.akc.org/news/movie-review-dog-lover/ (review and trailer)

www.thedoglovermovie.com ( official website)

The Dog Lover (printable flyer)

The flyers and website provide information on theatres where the film will be playing on the weekend of July 8.

Thanks and have a wonderful holiday weekend!


AKC Government Relations