Mr. Mac Tavish

A true gentleman and a scholar! Truer words were never spoken of our beloved Mr. MacTavish, our Scottie who respected everyone he met, and who “read” every post, statue and blade of grass on his walks.  The only thing missing was his top hat and monocle!!

Mr. MacTavish came into our lives, with his companion of three years, Sallie Sue, the love of his life. It was Good Friday in 2007, when they bounced into our lives brought by their beloved rescuer Debby Knous. What a lively pair they made, one was never far from the other, and they loved to team up on us for requests.

They could not have been more opposite in their styles, Sallie gregarious, outgoing, ready to conquer the world, Mac reserved, patient and never too demanding. But together they made a great pair.  Alas, Sallie Sue crossed the rainbow bridge in 2015, after a three-year battle with bladder cancer.

Mac continued on with the being the sole benefactor of our love and attention. He loved to cuddle up on the couch for a good nap and movie on a rainy Saturday afternoon with some “Trader Joe’s Charlies” while his guardians munched on popcorn.  On a warm Saturday morning, he would enjoy his walks in the Presidio reading sign posts and greeting fellow walkers and their four-legged companions.  Yes, almost every place we went – he went, he loved all the stores that allow dogs, he loved being the center of attention and most of all he loved being the one who captured our hearts. After having been told more than a few times he was the “George Clooney” of Scotties, he would look up and just smile and move along his merry way.

On October 1, a week shy of his 15th birthday, he crossed over the rainbow bridge, after having been diagnosed with bone cancer, which he finally succumbed too.   He will be missed by everyone who met him, but especially by us, who were lucky enough to be his guardians while on this planet called earth.

Rest in peace little man, we miss and love you very much.


Chanel - rescue Scottie

This little girl came to us after her owner could not care for her any longer. She was a senior Scottie, about 13 years old, but she was still a total sweetie.  When we got her, she was an itty bitty thing, only about 16 pounds, and had poor coat condition, with vision and hearing problems. Plus she hadn’t been groomed in awhile. 

SF Bay Scottie Rescue took her in and soon found her a permanent home where she blossomed back into an almost puppylike girl again, with all the love she needed for the rest of her days.

The Adventures of Miss Sally Sue and Mister Mister McTavish!

Sally Sue & Mr. McTavishBounding in the house like a bolt of lighting, were two high-energy Scotties, who were wondering if this was just one more stop on their travels or was it as Debby promised a home forever!

Miss Sally Sue or aka “Long Tall Sally” was the first to size things up, hmmm the pillows on the couch can go sliding and flying with just a slight kick, the coffee table sitting in front of the couch seems to be the track markers for a good chase with her brother when things slow down.  Of course she had to give everything the sniff test and kept looking back at Debby to say is this it- are we finally home or this just another stopover?

Mister McTavishOn the other hand Mister- Mister McTavish or better known as “no-name” since he didn’t know his real name, (skinny and weak), was following his sister around, looking for cues of whether this place just might work.  While trying to stand proud and confident as a great Scottie should, he was certain to be within sight of where she was and what she was doing. Of course at meal time, that was his domain, a little sirloin mixed with kibble seemed to convince him this place just might work.

As you might imagine, the first night all in all went smoothly, as good visitors, they happily ate the dinner provided by the hosts, then proceeded to sleep in the guest bed provided….although it must have seen crowded, because the hosts were there as well.

Over the next couple of weeks, the hosts became guardians and started laying down some rules (of course they were seldom if ever obeyed) and a routine started to form, walks with their own personal trainer, Tim along with their buddies and a fun loving aunt named Debra became a regular companion on their adventures who kept telling them everything would be all right.  The only break in the routine, were the days when Debby came back to take them off to get “tutored” or something like that…..

Things are sure different here than in Sacramento, bicyclists go wheeling by, buses hiss at every corner, dogs seem to walk everywhere with their owners, and the parking in the city, oh well that’s another story; life seems to hold an adventure everyday.

All in all this is everything Debby promised, lots of love, good food, our place on the couch and of course the garden!  This is a place called home…..