I have just read this article in our local paper about leptospirosis a killer disease and wanted to pass it on to those who are in or are near flooded areas.
The bacteria may be present in standing water following the heavy rain activity we have just been experiencing. Currently there have been reports of Lepto in San Francisco and Sonoma County. Certainly those in the Coyote Dam Area should be aware and very careful with their pets.
Dogs can contract this disease if they drink this water when you are taking them for a walk or letting them run loose. Recently a person lost her dog to this disease. She had taken her dog for a neighborhood walk, it suddenly grew ill showing signs of acute kidney failure, in two days the dog was gone. Her dog picked it up drinking from standing water, which is everywhere since our recent rains and local flooding. Avoid puddles, lakes, creeks, any areas where wildlife and water mix.” Potential hazardous areas include hiking trails, streams, local rivers and communal water sources such as dog parks and community gardens.
Leptospirosis is spread through contact with animal urine deposited in water sources or carried along by infected soil by the flowing water. “Lepto” is a nasty bacteria which usually presents itself with a high fever that doesn’t respond to treatment. It also includes signs of kidney disease, heavy urination,dehydration.
The disease is sometimes treatable if caught early, but that is rare. The best prevention is a vaccination before the dog is exposed, and yearly doses to stay effective. When a dog has never had the vaccine, first-time treatment requires two to three shots – one initial vaccination followed by one or two booster shots a month or so after the first treatment If your dogs are kenneled or sent to daycare, they should be vaccinated. If your dog appears lethargic, is not eating, drinking too much, is vomiting or any other vague symptoms, don’t wait. Get them to the vet. The sooner the pet is treated the more likely your dog will survive.
The highly –infectious disease is caused by leptospira , a corkscrew shaped bacteria that if left untreated spreads quickly, possibly resulting in Kidney failure, internal bleeding and other fatal problems. The only other way to prevent this disease is to avoid high-risk areas as mentioned above.
I am glad I read this article and was anxious to pass it on. I truly hope your reading it will save a dog.






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