Scottie Rescue

San Francisco Bay Scottish Terrier Rescue

Rescue is in need of Foster Homes!! If you have room in your heart and home to care for a foster scottie, or you can provide a “forever” home for a rescued Scottie please email : or call:

Debby Knous 650-345-0245
Alice Ramsauer 408-738-4656
Pam Jewell 916-372-5003
Nancy Yarbrough Robson 650-348-0407

After you contact Scottish Terrier Rescue, the next step will be to complete and submit the  Application for Adoption.

20 thoughts on “Scottie Rescue

  1. Bart, We have a rescue program and you may call our Chairperson Debby Knous 650-345-0245 or email her at This information is also in our website under Rescue!

    Hope she can help you.

    • Brandon,
      So sorry for your loss, however we have no information on your incident and we do not have any rescues available at this time.. I wish you luck.

    • Hi Norma – unfortunately no, we would not ship a Scottie. It sounds like you are not in the SF area? If so you can try breeders listed at the national Scottie club here:

      Or if you’re in the SF Bay Area you can fill out the adoption application on this page and reach out to our Rescue chair, Debby Knous at 650-345-0245 for more information. Thanks for your interest in our club!

  2. Do you have any available Scotties to adopt? We live in Fresno and currently have 14 month old Westie. Our last Scottie at 1.5 years left us with a serious cancer. He just a puppy. Wonderful dog.

    • Hi Richard – I’m sorry that your little Scottie passed away. If you are interested in possibly adopting a rescue through our club’s Scottie Rescue program, please reach out to our Rescue Coordinator Debby Knous at or 650–345–0245 – she can give you further information.

  3. Looking for female, preferably Wheaten Scottish Terrier for our year and 5 month old. Would like to breed or just find a companion for our sweet Louie.

    • Hi Mary Jane —

      Wheatens are adorable aren’t they? The best resource through our club to find a puppy is our breeder coordinator, Lisa Kincheloe. You can email her at and she can distribute your information to any of our members who have dogs available right now. Thanks!

  4. Hello, we are in the Sacramento area and in the last two years, we lost our two little man dogs one at 12-years old a westie and a 13-year old Scotty. we have been looking like crazy to find one of these breeds but it seems that there are none to be found close enough to go visit the breeder to make they are not just a puppy farm. we are willing to adopt but again have not found anyone who has these two breeds. if anyone can help us my email is We would welcome anyone who wanted to check with VCA vets about the carrying owners we are. we spent over $30,000 trying to save our animals so that should tell you how much we loved them.

    • Hi Terry – I’m so sorry you’ve lost two dogs in the past few years. It’s really hard! Thank you for getting in touch with our Club. If you’d like to get on the list for a possible rescue, please contact Debby Knous as listed above, as she is our Rescue Chair. The best person to try if you are interested in a Scottie puppy is our Breeder Chair, Lisa Kincheloe, who keeps tabs on who has had a litter recently; her information is on this page. It’s great that you’re trying to do your due diligence to find a good breeder! So important. Lisa and Debby are going to be your best resources through our Club so please reach out to them directly. Thanks so much!

  5. Susan Trumbull.
    We have had wonderful Scottie’s in the past and have been looking for another Scottie after losing our dear rat terrier in March to a recurrent cancer. We got Paco after being notified by Scottie Rescue 4 years ago. The part Scottie we were notified about was gone when we got to the east-bay Humane Society “Paco “chose us. So after a wait we are hoping to find a. Scottie or Part Scottie to fill the hole in our hearts . We live in Novato.

    • Hi Susan! I think Paco must’ve been so lucky to find you. I’m really sorry that he passed away earlier this year.

      It sounds like you’ve been in touch with our Rescue folks before, so it would be great to try reconnecting again – can you give our Rescue Director Debby Knous a call? She’s at 650-345-0245 and she can let you know the news of any Scotties in our care.


  6. Hello. I live in Seattle and just lost my Wheaton Scotty, Abby who was about age 16 I adopted her in June ‘09 from a San Diego Animal shelter..she was 6 yrs old, had 5 previous owners, had green mold on her back and had a hairless rump. I promised her a forever home. She was quite the character and I loved on her every day.
    I’m looking to adopt an older Scotty, one who needs a loving home. I am willing to drive or fly to meet with the dog and my 2 vets can attest to how well I care for my dogs
    Thank you.
    Susan T.

    • Susan, I’m so sorry to hear about your Abby. It’s the hardest thing ever to lose a dog.

      There aren’t many Scotties coming through rescue these days, however I encourage you to reach out to Debby, our Rescue Coordinator, at 650-345-0245 – she can fill you in on the process and let you know if there are any Scotties looking for a new home right now.

      Again, I’m so sorry. It sounds like Abby was really lucky she found you. There’s nothing like the love of a Scottie! I hope your next one finds its way to you soon.

  7. I just lost my dog of 13yrs . I have always had dogs & cats. I have fostered for a cat rescue for 9-10 years. I love all animals. I’m in my 70’s so I am interested in a Senior for myself or I can foster.My mother-in-law had Scotty all of her life and she lived to 99. I want a companion to love and for company. I live in the East Bay.

    • Barbara, my heart goes out to you about losing your dog last month. It’s wonderful that you’re interested in rescuing a senior Scottie! We’re not seeing as many Scotties come into our rescue program just lately, however you can reach out to our rescue coordinators via contact info above for more information. I can also suggest a great senior-dog rescue in San Francisco called Muttville if you’d like to check them out. SFBTSC is not formally affiliated with them, but it might be another organization for you to look into since they specialize in older dogs that are in need of homes just like yours. 🙂


  8. We lost our dog last year of 14 years and looking to adopt, it there a website? I’m currently in Tracy CA.

    thank you

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